The battle against flies is constant.

Flies are downright annoying!

Envision standing at the grill in your backyard preparing food for a summer picnic you’re hosting, when all of a sudden a swarm of flies decides to take over. Or picture this scenario...You’re leaving a restaurant with your family after a delicious meal. You turn the corner on the way back to your car and realize you have to pass by a dumpster surrounded by hundreds of buzzing flies. It certainly puts a damper on your evening and your impression of the business. It’s amazing how flies can easily ruin your plans and experiences outside. 

While flies are a terrible nuisance, they also serve as transmitters of disease and infection. Unsanitary pesky insects are the last thing you want to worry about. Typically, the solution to dealing with flies is to simply avoid outdoor areas where they are a problem. But why should you have to make sacrifices or avoid going to the places you love? 

Flies not only pose direct health risks to humans, they are an annoyance that causes significant strife in the agricultural industry. Farmers experience costly expenses and profit losses. Fly infestation causes higher mortality rates and reduces production of milk, meat, and eggs. Animals pestered by disease-spreading flies often suffer from the physical side-effects caused by stress, sudden movements, bites, scratches, and tail lashes, in an attempt to find relief.