Eco-friendly & Highly Effective

Flybuster is the safest, most efficient, environmentally friendly fly control system on the market. Once egg laying flies are caught, the breeding cycle is broken. This drastically reduces the future fly population in areas where the trap is in use. 

Superior to other pest control sprays and homemade traps, it is an effective and a green alternative to traditional methods of eliminating flies. Flybuster has undergone scientific field tests with environmental experts and pest control industry leaders.


The Flybuster Trap

The trap is a clear plastic container with a unique one-way patented lid designed to allow flies to easily enter while preventing their escape. The trap comes filled with the exact amount of bait needed. The bottom of each container serves as the trapping area.

The Bait

The bait is composed of fermented yeasts and additives approved for use in the food industry. It is non-toxic, does not contain insecticides, and is completely harmless to the environment, animals, and humans.

How it Works

During the day flies stay inside sheds and buildings to find food such as manure, old food and other organic substances. In the evening they exit these structures in order to find an ideal place to rest.

Inside the Flybuster trap is a bait that flies find irresistible. When water is poured into the container the attractant dissolves, matures and is activated. 

As the flies change places from daytime to night time, they are lured by the scent and odor of the bait and enter through the opening at the top of the container. Once inside the trap, the flies cannot escape and drown in the water.

The trap will last 30 days or until full. One Flybuster trap can catch as many as 40,000 flies. Once your done, disposal is easy–simply close the lid and place the trap in the garbage. Our larger bucket trap can be reused by following these steps:

  • Empty the trap–flies can be dumped into a compost heap or garbage.
  • Clean the inside of the trap.
  • Add the pre-measured quantity of bait.
  • Rehydrate the bait with 169 ounces (5 liters) of water.


FlyBuster in Action